Making circularity work

Efficient management of your reusable assets with the CIRCULAR ERP.

Selected reusable systems and partners
Resources and deposit management for the circular economy
The CIRCULAR ERP is designed to manage pools along the supply chain of any type of reusable assets:
• drinking cups & food containers
• cosmetic packaging
• bottles & jars
• eCommerce & secondary packaging
Product features

The CIRCULAR ERP enables the growth and scaling of your company through professional processing along the entire asset cycle.

Production & Procurement

Whether from your production or supplied by a producer, our system enables quick, effortless creation or import of all essential asset information.

Assets & Inventory

Maintain complete visibility over your asset portfolio. Our solution enhances your capacity for precise demand planning and forecasting.

Orders & Logistics

Tackle the increasing complexity of order management and logistics optimization as your system expands. CIRCULAR ERP automates these processes so you can focus on your operations.

Clearing & Deposits

The CIRCULAR ERP is engineered to provide unparalleled transparency in handling intricate deposit setups across various partners within the clearing process. Track all deposit operations down to the individual asset or by volume.

Financials & Analytics

Generate comprehensive financial reports and maintain audit-ready data and usage history with ease. Our dashboard provides a quick overview of crucial KPIs, ensuring you're always informed in your daily operations.

Sustainability & LCA

Create your sustainability reports based on real-time insights and use them as starter or additional data for your life cycle assessments (LCA)

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Companies trusting the CIRCULAR ERP

What our partners say

“In addition to the transparent cost structure, we are particularly impressed by sykell’s IT solution, which offers incomparable synergies in return logistics and clearing. We operate in a highly price-sensitive customer environment. In the future, reusable packaging will only be able to compete with the costs of disposable packaging if scaling is successful and synergies in value creation are leveraged. This makes it all the more important to have an efficient cost structure right from the start.”

Veronika Pfender
Co-Founder at dotch GmbH

"zerooo’s reusable containers are available in glass and plastic. The plastic containers are serialized, the glass containers without serialized labeling. Thanks to sykell’s CIRCULAR ERP solution, we now have an efficient system that makes it easy to manage even mixed-asset inventories."

Andre Lang-Herfurth
Marketing & Sales Director SEA ME GmbH
Co-Founder zerooo
Product benefits

Scalability with future prospects


Together with our partners, we work on standardization in numerous consortia, initiatives and research projects. We continually incorporate the results into improving the CIRCULAR ERP.

Compatibility & APIs

Seamlessly connect with your partners for streamlined order processing (e.g. EDI), delivery notes and invoices and enlarge your data pool easily via interfaces.


The CIRCULAR ERP enables to manage serialized and non-serialized assets within the same account and simplify clearing and crediting returned assets.

Data-Driven Solutions

Leverage your existing data and insights to make informed business decisions, identifying opportunities and discerning patterns in your model.

Limitless Scalability

As a cloud-based solution, the CIRCULAR ERP is tailored to scale with reusable pools of any size, supporting clients managing millions of assets with ease.

Fraud Prevention

Fraud is a critical topic within the circular economy. We are currently testing and introducing shortly the activation and deactivation of deposit to reduce risk (patent pending).

Get started

Step by step towards circularity

1. Start serializing

Use a unique GRAI (Global Returnable Asset Identifier) to identify your assets within the CIRCULAR ERP. Serialization is default but optional. Apply for a GLN (Global Location Number) through GS1 Germany or your local agency to independently generate GRAIs. Label your containers with these identifiers, typically via QR codes or data matrix.

2. Get registered

After concluding the contract and registering on CIRCULAR ERP, companies receive individual access and all reusable containers, locations and service partners are created. Alternatively, the relevant data can be imported quickly and easily.

3. Enable your partners

To ensure data quality and audit security, various service providers already use our IT infrastructure and interfaces. We equip new service partners accordingly and can be connected within a very short time, such as additional clearing points that are required. Data collection can be done quantitatively, via scan or via RFID or NFC.

4. Integrate your systems

CIRCULAR ERP covers all relevant functionalities for operating a reusable system. If systems are already used for individual areas, these systems can be supplemented via API with missing data and information from CIRCULAR ERP, for example with clearing information from partner locations.

Make your business circular.